Quest is a future-focused insight firm.
We help your brand expand and grow based on data-supported consumer insight and innovation. We help uncover rich insights into the ever changing consumer's mind, heart and behavior.

  • Our clients hire Quest when they are ready to venture beyond what they know, what they believe, and what they have mastered. Our forward thinking means not dwelling in the past – rather, efficiently moving into new categories and communication strategies that will reliably lead to new sources of revenue.

    Our unique set of tools and insight framework guarantee that our clients have the very best information to ensure the growth process is driven by educated decisions that will ultimately lead to in-market success.

    Our clients see Quest as a key element in the quest for growth.

  • The disciplined
    Quest Insight Framework
    helps you obtain consumer dedication to your brand.

    assessing the LANDSCAPE
    Prepares your brand for ever-changing conditions, competition and culture shifts

    the WHO
    Defines the subset of consumers your brand or offering can effectively target

    the WHAT
    Identifies products and services with richest potential, and what your brand should represent to your consumer

    the HOW
    Explores how your target consumer should experience your brand on multiple levels of engagement

    Brian has spent his entire career focused on innovation and customer insights. His fusion of client-side multinational experience and senior leadership experience in the consulting area has given him the perfect foundation to lead Quest. Brian has been instrumental in bringing successful innovations to market for some of the world’s top brands, including Anheuser Busch, ConAgra, Kellogg’s, Purina, Nestlé, Sara Lee, United Airlines, Kraft, Eastman Kodak, Delta Airlines and countless others.


    Alex has 20+ years of experience, focused on consumer insights and brand strategy. Thanks to a career split evenly between the client and consulting sides, Alex offers a unique perspective and deep understanding of all facets of the research process. His insights have helped guide brand strategy for some of the world’s most beloved and successful brands, spanning a diverse range of clients and industries. Key clients have included: Kraft, United Airlines, Kellogg’s, Levi’s, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Sprint, Sears, BP, Abbott, Philips, and Discovery Communications, among many others.

    Alex’s key areas of expertise include: Brand Equity, Marketing Effectiveness, Segmentation, Ad/Creative Development, Innovation, Digital Communications and Strategic Planning. Alex has also led global research teams and studies across 20+ countries around the world. Alex holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, as well as an undergraduate degree in International Business from George Washington University.