assessing the landscape

Prepare your brand for ever-changing conditions, competition and culture shifts




How well is your brand truly stacking up versus the competition?

Are your competitors doing a better job connecting with your consumers’ ever changing lives?

brandVUE: our fresh approach to quantitative brand tracking that will help you assess how your brand and your competitors are evolving in the consumer’s mind.  Our special blend of key brand health metrics and consumer connection measures will bring into focus how you are truly dong in the minds of your consumer.  We don’t stop there - we also tell you how you compare to some of the world’s best and worst brands for even further insight.


  • Ability to track brand health metrics over time

  • Comparisons to world’s best and worst brands

  • Special consumer connection metrics that help diagnose small issues that may turn into larger ones down the line


  • Make tactical and strategic communication adjustments to help keep your brand health in check



Social media has become a prevalent method of thought expression. Are you equipped to effectively measure and leverage this information for your brand?

Most current social media monitoring technologies measure keyword usage in the social media space, but lack the context necessary to bring the data to life.

Quest has the tools to help combine the power of the technology platform data with human review and analysis to develop the real story that you can act on.

buzzVUE: the powerful combination of quantitative and qualitative measures regarding your brand in social media in monthly reports.  buzzVUE looks at your brand’s reach and context to help you truly understand what is being said about your brand and helps you to take action.


  • Who, what, how often, and where consumers are talking about your category and brand

  • Comparison to your competition

  • The themes that are consistently being discussed


  • Innovation & marketing communication opportunities for your brand



Have you ever noticed that your Habits & Practices studies always look backwards? Isn’t it time to start looking forward?

Quest believes that’s where true insight begins.

marketVUE: our future-focused Habits & Practices quantitative research tool that will help you predict how a category will evolve in the next 12-24 months. Our fusion of habits/usage metrics and category trend assessment will paint you a picture of the future that you’d never see with traditional H&P studies.


  • Well-defined picture of category attitudes, habits, practices, and usage

  • Interest and impact analysis of up-and-coming trends that could imminently affect your category


  • Make tactical and strategic brand choices based on consumer-validated trends and their impact on your category