An Annual fixed-price Research Subscription Service

Every year your business faces unique challenges, but the traditional research process is slow and inefficient which doesn’t keep up with the ever increasing pace of change in your business.

providing timely guidance throughout the year with custom quantitative research

  • conduct quantitative research studies with your own dedicated Quest personnel all year long.

  • Your organization is assigned a Quest Director and leadership team member who gets to know your team, your working style and business just like one of your employees.

  • it is like having another whole research department at your disposal.

  • Set up annually so you never have to wait for purchasing or a purchase order for those urgent research needs Or Set up a research calendar in advance to help your team be more proactive or have “on-call” support as your business dictates.

program benefits


Our up-front planning, project setup and research calendar eliminate the need for multiple rounds of proposals and purchase orders to ensure time is spent where it is needed most—on the work!!


As your needs change throughout the year, we can make modifications to the insight plan in order to answer the right business questions at the right time. Further, our mix of proprietary tools and ad hoc analyses are purposefully designed for integrated modularity.

cost effectiveness

Our fixed-fee pricing model ensures you get the most for your research dollars. Unlike typical suppliers, we don’t use Cost-Plus-Margin pricing. There is no reason you should be paying more for the same amount of analysis and consulting just because of sample and execution costs.

strategic orientation

Our partnership extends far beyond analysis and report delivery. Our in-depth business immersion engenders a holistic understanding of your brands and your business, and our ongoing consultation is part and parcel to the program.

Consistency & Expertise

With a dedicated team assigned to your business based on industry and functional knowledge, you gain the confidence of a trusted partner.