Can different individuals, teams and BUs work with Quest under one agreement?

In larger organizations, the program is typically with one business unit (i.e., Oral Care or Cheese for example). however, in smaller organizations if often covers the entire organization.

Can we switch from one plan to a different one during the year?

You can upgrade from one plan to another as your needs increase.

What if we want to start planning for another study while one is underway? Do we have to wait?

We want the program to be as efficient as possible so we want your team focused on the current project before new projects are initiated.  However, those on the Experimenter Plan can do two project simultaneously because we have resourced the account to support the additional needs of the client.

How does billing work for sample costs? Do we pay Quest directly?

We handle everything and pass along the cost after the expenses are incurred.  There are no pass through fees, you will see a copy of the invoice from the panel partner.  Due to our volume, you will typically get a lower rate than if you purchased it directly.

How is this different from a community?

The program is similar to a community in a sense that you have an on-demand resource and execute projects quickly, however, the major difference is that each study has a new set of participants.  This way you are not talking to the same respondents each time

What if we use our own sample source or database?

This happens all the time, in those cases, there are no additional fees for the first 10,000 completed surveys (surveys, not projects).  After 10,000 completed surveys there is a very small nominal per completed survey charge due to server usage.