Explores how your target consumer should experience your brand on multiple levels of engagement




When launching a new product, you are always looking to gain the maximum amount of profit but how can you be sure that you are choosing the right set of features that balance consumer interest with profitability?

Quest can help you determine what features to include in your product – and which not to – so that consumers are happy and willing to pay and you don’t dilute your profit margin

maxVUE: offers the ability to create the ultimate combination of product features that maximize sales, revenue and, ultimately, profit.


  • Insight into which product feature is most important to consumers

  • An illustration of price elasticity

  • A dynamic simulator that allows you to simulate different go-to-market product and pricing configurations

  • A volumetric simulator with adjustments for distribution, awareness and purchase intent based on the model


  • Confidence in creating a product with features that will drive sales and maximize profit

  • Suggestions in different product configurations and the financial implications of adding or removing specific features

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Have you noticed how sometimes a name will just stick with you?  Quest believes that the name of your product should stick with the consumer long after their initial exposure and successfully communicate key information about the product.

Before putting a product on the shelf, it is essential that consumers feel a connection with the name and are intrigued enough to purchase the product.

namingVUE: the ability to test potential names for a new or existing product to determine which best resonates with consumers on key metrics of naming success.


  • Quantification as to which name:

  • Performs best on key metrics such as product fit, brand fit and purchase intent

    • Is the most memorable

    • Delivers on the key communication objectives

    • Is recommended by Quest

  • Understanding of any negative associations

  • Suggestions for optimization prior to product roll-out


  • Confidence the product name conveys message/attributes accurately

  • Which name will be successful in the marketplace



Are you leaving sales on the shelf or missing out on potential sales because of lack of optimization?

Quest believes in being confident that when a product gets on the shelf it will capture the attention of consumers and will convey all the attributes that they find important.

packageVUE: the ability to test potential packaging designs and configurations to determine which best resonates with consumers on key metrics


  • Understanding of elements that are driving purchase interest

  • Visual representation of what parts of the package are most/least appealing

  • Metrics to ensure communication objectives are being met


  • Suggestions for optimization in:

    • Driving purchase interest

    • Delivery on communication objectives

    • Grabbing consumers’ attention



Are you ready for a real view of how your target audience uses and reacts to your new product?

To obtain the richest insight, it is crucial to understand how your consumers are using and feeling about your product in their natural environment on their terms.

productVUE: Quest’s In-Home-Usage-Test (IHUT) tool designed not only to explore the quantitative metrics of satisfaction, usage, and purchase/re-usage intent, but also provides an unbiased, consumer-generated view of the product in its authentic target environment. See your product through your target audience’s eyes, and hear actual consumer commentary for a human perspective that adds depth to the data.


  • Pre and post-usage product diagnostics

  • Highlights from consumer-generated product usage videos – analyzed, edited, and summarized

  • Forecasted volumetrics based on your distribution target size and awareness assumptions


  • Robust diagnostics on product performance (Appeal, Concept-Product Fit, Re-Purchase Intent, etc.)

  • Specific improvement opportunities (regarding elements such as product, packaging, and usage directions)