The What

Identifies products and services with richest potential, and what your brand should represent to your consumer




Does your brand take a proven approach to identifying white spaces and/or platforms for continued brand growth?

Quest believes that a disciplined yet creative process leads to the best brand growth opportunities.

nextVUE: combines a unique, imaginative brainstorming session with a robust quantitative study to identify and validate strong opportunity areas for your category or brand.


  • A creative brainstorming session led by Quest, generating 250-300 aspirational, emotional, and functional category benefits/features

  • Assessment ranking of these benefits according to appeal and category performance

  • “Need Gap” scores showing where the category and/or your brand are under or over delivering on consumers’ needs

  • Opportunity maps for clear, visual guidance to rich category white space


  • Short-term actionability in the form of product improvements, line extensions, and communication strategies

  • Long-term opportunity areas (new product space) for your brand



Are you tired of spending a lot of money just to wait weeks for results from cumbersome concept testing methodologies?

Quest believes that timing matters when testing and launching new products. In most cases, our agility allows us to field, analyze, and report concept data within fourteen days of receiving the final concept.

ideaVUE: our quantitative concept evaluation tool that combines traditional key metric measurement with deep optimization metrics to help you make confident, fact-based resourcing decisions faster than ever.


  • Concept scores on key measures such as appeal, purchase intent, and more

  • Volumetrics related to your key assumptions (Target size, Distribution, Awareness)

  • Online access to unlimited data filters and crosstabs

  • PowerPoint report presenting results

  • Optimization Mapping: detailed consumer feedback on your concept, including reactions to specific words and phrases


  • Make resource decisions more quickly and reliably

  • Optimize your product offering prior to launch



Have you uncovered a distinctive and relevant brand and product positioning that resonates in the hearts and minds of your target audience?

In developing communication strategies, it is critical that the essence strikes an authentic chord with your target. Your positioning must be effective on several levels in order to achieve sustainable dedication.

positioningVUE: Quest offers a unique service that tests alternatives in order to determine which positioning best meets essential metrics that ensures well-rounded market delivery.


  • Quantification as to which positioning alternative:

    • Performs best on key metrics such as relevance, appeal, purchase motivation, believability and ownability

    • Has the strongest potential to increase brand perceptions

    • Is recommended by Quest

  • Insight into specific positioning components which contribute to or detract from your position’s performance


  • Confidence in the effectiveness of your brand or product’s position

  • Suggestions for optimization prior to positioning roll-out