Defines the subset of consumers your brand or offering can effectively target




Are you missing key information about your target audience? Are you able to uncover insights that have not been directly expressed (or have perhaps been overlooked by more traditional research methods)?

To obtain the richest insight, it is important to be with consumers as they experience the category in their natural environment.

 the category in their natural environment.

Quest’s ethnographic immersion tools are designed not only to explore current usage (likes, dislikes, frustrations, occasions), but to push your target to think aspirationally about the potential and future of a category.

Our in-person or consumer generated tools deliver insights others often miss, while providing an in-depth view of consumers that many never see.


  • An in-depth understanding of the behaviors, mindsets, needs, and frustrations relating to your category and brand

  • Ability to see your target’s life through their eyes – in their own environment


  • Identification of rich category need gaps

  • Specific product and communication opportunities



How well do you understand your brand’s target audiences? Do you know which targets can have the greatest impact on your brand, both short and long-term?

The world’s most successful brands target only a fraction of their potential category users.

Quest believes it is critical to define your brand’s “who” in order to understand the prime prospects for your brand, those who form the foundation of your business – and how to market to them successfully.

segmentVUE: a robust quantitative segmentation initiative that generates a deeper understanding of a brand’s true target. segmentVUE delivers clear direction on who to focus on – and who to ignore – when it comes to product development and marketing efforts.


  • Target segments based on attitudes and category needs

  • Quantification of each target’s size and analysis of its potential value – both to the category and to your brand

  • Quantification of behaviors, mindsets, category needs, and category frustrations

  • Identification of your prime prospects


  • Target comprehension – Understand who to focus on for near-term growth as well as a broader group of consumers you want your brand to appeal to long-term (short and long-term)

  • Specific category need opportunity areas (emotional and functional) for product or marketing optimization



Your marketing targets don’t change too often, but your target consumer changes consistently.  How well do you keep abreast of how individuals in your target segments change from year to year? 

The world in which your target segment lives changes consistently, it is critical to be aware of how they change as an individual so you can proactively adjust to ensure communication and products will meet their ever changing world

checkupVUE: an annual segmentation quantitative checkup initiative that ensures you have the most in-depth and up-to-date understanding of your brand’s target segments.  Quest’s checkup allows you to have the most current information on demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, media, and need shifts so you can take action before the competition.


  • Updated segment profiling metrics

  • Updated media usage profiles

  • New or emerging needs based on landscape shifts

  • Self identification to socio-cultural or category trends


  • Media and marketing communication optimization

  • Innovation opportunity identification